new things

I'm currently in the process of moving to a nice little apartment in West Broadway, my posts will be few and far between for the next week or so, spring will bring new and exciting times!

so young our clothes still didn't fit

I came of age
and no sooner found you
show me the way to shake a thought,
or tell me how I could stop your heart,
just to catch up.
We were the reckless ones
is what I've been told.

I had heard
somewhere that they were stamping
and trampling on you
that's why we carry blades,
you and I and all of us
to do what words never seemed able.

She was working in a topless bar
and I stopped in for a beer
She didn't get along with herself
and wasn't too keen on anyone else,
she said
"Too many parties and too many pals
will break your heart someday,
might as well give up on tomorrow's yesterdays."

Walking next to her
feeling a little like a deep sea diver
lost in space
and as for you
our paths will never cross, too bad
cause I wouldn't be ashamed
to been seen with you anywhere.
Just another circumstance beyound our control
like the t.v.
and news of the world.
Muslims in the streets
burning fires
and bombing our attempts to blossom.

But once again there are still those lovers
lying on the floor
they don't (and shouldn't) see past their fingers
intertwined and locked together
like that odd old toy your grandma had
that we found in the barn
on a day too hot to yell
we didn't need voices anyway
not with lips like yours.

Now we roam the streets
with our group of little ghosts,
abnormals anonymous.
Kids who still drink too much
fuck too loud
and fight too often.
Mingle and yell
with the grace of a corpse
stuck in the surf
after storming those beaches
sixty years ago.


Instead of dreaming up pretty words
inspired by your pretty face
I have been absorbed
in essay writing
of analysis',
and comparatives.
University has my soul
but I'll get it back.
Not today,
but soon.

sleeplessness and other ness's

I kind of want an adventure
its been a while,
you in?

late nights, bar fights

Although the fragility
of your situation
might feel
nearly heart breaking.
Last night
while I drunkenly
threw beer bottles
at alley walls,
in an attempt to explain
some historical event,
I realized glass bottles
could be suprisingly strong
under pressure.

show me the bombing of the moon.

It's weird
I never saw your eyelashes before.
I guess it's more like
I didn't notice them until now,
too much to look at, and to take in,
all at once.
I move to the right,
to the left,
your ears as well.
Always hiding.
Let me see them,
as prominent as the ink buried under your skin.
I always thought you were beyond us
like our cigarette smoke, mixed with fog,
which feels like water but tastes like air,
stuck between here and somewhere else.
Water not yet brave enough to fall.
My mind ponders about the moisture,
and how if I press hard enough
my fingers leave white dots across your breast,
which leads to other thoughts that always escape.
I stare up at the street lamps,
as a strategy to make sure of so many things.
I saw you smile in my periphery,
you saw mine below my nose.
I'd rather glide my fingers across your collarbones
than fuck you from behind.
I'll pull the sheets to our shoulders
and fool ourselves to sleep.

spike jonze and max records

coffee and pie oh my

I worry at times
that I will become that person
who finds monogamy difficult
and love easy.

But there is just
so many types of jam
and jelly,
how do i pick just one?

Good thing
you make
such delicious sandwhiches.

I'll never have to chose.

flora & fauna

I would recommend
we all just give up on spring.
If it comes,
we'll be even happier
and if it doesn't
than we can tell all the others
"I told you so."

We can just sit inside,
and build forts under tables
and in that little nook
down the hall.
We'll drink tea,
and maybe make soup
and stash our cigarette butts
under the floorboards
like when we were kids.

I'll show you those photos of last spring.
Taken in that brief time
between the first humid day
and your mid-summer tan,
when your skin was still
porcelain and bright.


If you've been there,
you know.
This one is a tear jerker.

little one

You're so fine and lovely
doing it up with the ribbons and bows
trying not to wake me
tipping on your toes.


I heard on the radio
a few months back
that you had died.

Your convoy
had simply been
in the right place
at the wrong time.

My only thought
was how close I was
to being there with you.
And how sad I felt
that I wasn't.

I feel bad
that I don't talk about you
about who you were,
more often,
or at all.

Like that one time
you ate a whole box of kraft dinner
in under two minutes
just to make me laugh.

You were my fire-team partner
and never failed to look out for me.
I was just a young kid
wanting to wear the uniform
looking up to guys like you.

I'm sorry I left, bro
I never really wanted to
But you always said
you would have done
the same thing.

camera play

crayons maybe

I cannot imagine
how many people
must see your pretty face.

Just around,
at school,
or waiting for a bus
near the circle.

People who will then go home
and paint, write,
and try other various arts and crafts
in an effort to enjoy
that same feeling
just one more time.


If time is something
which can be measured
mathematically, and to an exact point

then why does being near you
feel like a fired match
delicate and bright
that never lasts as long as I'd wish

and without you
a bonfire
that threatens to burn
and last forever?

That doesn't seem
very mathematically possible to me.

Rocky Took A Lover

He said
'The sun gives life,
and it takes it away.
But like all the greats,
it'll burn out someday'

She said
'I don't mind,
I don't want to get bored
I don't want to end up
beached on this shore
I want to be that star...
I wanna be that star'

And then I'll shine for you.
I'll burn for you.
Then I can shine for you.
That's what I'll do.

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Dill no.2

Okay, so one last post on Jason Dill, just this little pic of him trashin' in L.A. (I think its L.A.), because I feel I need to ride this man-crush out or I'll suffer some weird emotional issues later in life. After this I'll go back to being all serious and stuff, writing semi-angsty poetry about pretty girls I see in the university's hallways and junk. (Note that sick rattail.)

fuck yeah jason dill

So Jason Dill is my friggin hero, if you know me and also skate, you'll know this. I, seriously, would kill a small child to be his fuckin' friend, like I would do it, the whumping sound of hickory on soft bone wouldn't bother me at all. Just kidding, infanticide isn't funny.

I once went to NYC with my significant other, and despite getting a balconey room on 23rd street in "you know where" and not being stabbed by homeless people I would almost clasify it as a shit trip because we didn't bring our boards. It had somfing to do with a bizarre fear of getting them on the plane in a post-muslims-fuck-everything-up world, just kidding, muslims fucked shit up before nine-eleven, and the trip was wicked even without skating. But I mean, have you seen those sidewalks? That city is like skate/longboard heaven compared to here.

Anyway, Dill is a pro-skater, and all he does is "drink tea, smoke cigarettes and listen to Band of Horses". When he was ninteen he stole something like 36 boards from his sponsor to pay for his rent and buy weed and blue kool-aid. I just think he's the nicest guy, with a super gnarley fashion sense and is just crazy enough to be legit. But yeah, my political-correctness filter is off tonight, clearly I no longer delete drunk postings....... So check this out, and watch the whooole thing if you, like, wanna be friends er whatever.

bloody knees, juste pour vous.

You are calm and bright.
Pale white skin
stretched over your bones,
some distant result
of perfect artistry,
enduring by virtue
of perfect design.
like the second hand smoke
that swells and spins around your lips
so I skate, drink and destroy
dangle me feet over bridges
and climb fire escapes
to write love notes
in spray paint
blacks and blues, and yellows too
hoping that maybe you will see them
and could only assume
it was done for you.