Jay Dee

J.D. Salinger has passed away, which is terribly sad. He was buddies with Hemingway, and served in the war, in Normandy and during the Battle for Bastogne, which I've heard was a terrifying winter struggle. I also heard that Zooey Deschanel was named after the male leading man from his little book "Franny and Zooey" so we gotta thank him for that too. Sad, sad news.


Courage is not the towering oak
that sees storms come and go;
it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.

" "

i am extremely unsure
about many things
at the moment

tin can astronauts

You send your flare to the horizon
& I just stare
and blink in your light.



My life is comfortable
and safe and lovely.

So, dear,
hold me tight
like the days we bled with love
remember me as who I was
when sparks were fireworks.

Because there are things you do
which scare me,
and warn me.
I fear I shouldn't continue to love you
because it will simply kill me one day
but I can,
I will,
I do.

missle defenses

One day I will work my way up
to the head of NASA,
or maybe even the CIA,
and shift their entire focus
from space exploration
and missle defenses,
to you.

Teams of people
typing on computers,
and scribbling on blackboards,
all working hurriedly 
to figure out what makes you happy
and to ensure that you will always be as such.

I feel the tax payers would approve.

sea monsters

I wish it was like it used to be,
when a young man could be granted
the kings commision
and sail a ship
to nowhere,
just to see what might happen.

Set off for the farthest part of the map
and simply sail off the edge.

And maybe one day,
after a few harrowing adventures
and several close calls
with rough seas and pirates
and possibly a sea monster or two,
he would make it home,
to those who waited patiently.

gray slash grey

Today is winter in January
              a grey spring day that smells like rain. Time to play outside.


impossibly cool no. 2

"I don't think I'm very much like anyone else."

snow in paris

Cheer up dear, it can't be that bad. After all, there is snow in Paris, with such beauty how could those eyes ever be so doleful?


If I get murdered in the city
don’t go revengin' in my name.
One person dead from such is plenty,
no need to go get locked away

When I leave your arms,
the things that I'll think of,
no need to get alarmed
I’m comin home.


I lack inspiration today so here's this.

everyone is a marlon brando

Apparently you (we)
need to start carrying knives
when walking around wolseley,
or even river heights.
Girls shaking in their boots.
Boys lookin for fights
with scary natives,
and the odd aggressive hobo.
Threats that are hardly present.

Blades tucked into hightop vans,
and hidden away
in not-so-warm winter coats.
The length we'll go to protect
our lucky extra
and the girls too,
I suppose.

In the winter,
imaginations run wild.

street dreams

Inspired by JJJJound and A Continuous Lean (and possibly
you, it depends) a cut and paste fashion project.