new year

Party hard tonight!
Leave the switchblade at home,
but nevertheless....

Seberg, Bardot, Johansson, Gainsbourg.

for you

Posting every day means
You have no life
but can also mean
"I saw this
and could not wait
to share it with you"


It's gone cold.
The air feels like anticipation.
We're winter folk, you and I.
Don't you think?
Until spring.

fresh beats

Some music for the decade or "music that, if you havn't heard yet, then you should... now."

I picked these for you because I thought you would like them.

Their in no particular order, and are pretty eclectic.

kiss, pet small cats, sleep, and party to these beats.

Bon Iver
Dead Man's Bones
Chris Garneau
The Avett Brothers
Old Crow Medicine Show
and of course Jeff Pianki

never ever

Muslims with guns
& bombs
& knives.
Comets, nuclear wars,
& polar bears
looking for ice that isn't there.
Walled cities
& starving, swarming, masses.
Lovers all out of love
& warriors all out of fight.
& tonight
In the cold winter air
under clean warm sheets
two naked backs
touch against each other
at the base of the spine
and do not pull away.

Here's some nice music.


By giving myself over
to the hands of fate
I’d ended up at the house
of someone I’d punched in the face
at the park, several years before.

Prior, we’d been friends off and on,
and since had seen each other
in close company but neither spoken of
nor alluded to the fact
of what had happened.

I’d caught him off guard,
two times square in the nose
before being wrestled away,
with a shiny black eye
screaming and yelling
the way boys do
in situations at the skate park

And as I sat across the kitchen table
watching him choose records,
and talk about the taste of a certain sandwich.
I smile knowing
we're gonna be friends forever.

panther starship

Also, i can draw, maybe

G.I. Joe used to remind us brain dead little fuckers, after school everyday, that knowing was half the battle. This was before we realized television was shit and beer and chasing tail was where it was at, also we were like ten, so by beer I mean candy and by tail i mean tail (or meth) whatever.


Must have been nice
to be able to rob a bank
in the days when it was cool.

Just walk right up to the teller
waving a pistol around,
bandana over your mouth
making your demands.
In and out,
clean as a whistle.
No trouble at all.

Or maybe it wasn’t nice.
Maybe it made you sad
to take things from people
by scaring them into thinking
you’d rather end their lives
than ever have to be poor.

Blogger's being stupid, and I seem to be unable to upload photos, which sucks because I have several sick ones ready to show off, also I drew a picture on paint. Maybe one day you will see them, until then heres some nice literature!


No no no, first you get the sugar
then you get the flour,
then you make the cupcakes,
THEN you get the women.