inspirations and other pretentious shit

writing in run on sentences, skateboards, snow, tea, scars, moss on old brick, this girl i see in the university's hallways sometimes but not enough, cigarettes, alcohol, books books books, blood, motorcycles, summer nights, this girl who used to love me but changed her mind, tattoos, friendships which lead to jail time, wanting to get into fist fights but never actually fighting, april and october and december, ripped jeans, lowtop vans with ollie scars, love, trying to describe things which are indescribable, eyelashes, holding hands, the weather, freckles, this cat i used to see wandering by the river all the time and now i don't, a messy bed, a made bed, bon iver, camping and sleeping bags made for one but can fit two, footprints in the snow and wondering who's they are, and everything about you (and so much more).